On the occasion of my 50th birthday….

Today, at approximately 5 AM, I turn 50 years old.  I’ve had the privilege to walk this planet for half a century.  One of my daughters made a card that said, “you are ½ way to 100”.  My age would indicate that I might be living in that space between active parenting and delightful grand parenting.  When my mom was this age, she already had 3 grandchildren and a number of empty nest years under her belt.  There don’t appear to be grand children on my immediate horizon and at this age, I am still very much actively parenting.  The pace is somewhat slower, but the job description still fits. It is an interesting space and time in life.  My body is slowing and a bit heavier, but my spirit is lighter and freer.

To celebrate this milestone, I’ve spent some time reflecting on a few of the things I have learned in 25 years of parenting.  The lessons are numerous and still being learned, almost daily.  But it is always good to speak my learning out loud and in front of witnesses.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Each individual child is a unique soul from God.  Having the privilege to teach, guide and watch them unfold is one of life’s greatest.
  2. Children need lots of fresh air and exercise – parents too.
  3. Some of the biggest crisis times are actually, in hindsight, some of the most intensely important and necessary times of growth for both parent and child.
  4. When things get too tense or crazy, dance – it breaks the tension and is good for a few eye rolls and laughs.
  5. No moment (problem, issue, mess up), no matter how overwhelming, lasts forever.  Mercies are new every morning.
  6. The days can be long, but the years fly right by.  Savor the moments.
  7. A slower than average paced life is quite satisfying and leaves lots of time for great conversation.
  8. Teenagers do grow up and often turn into delightfully wonderful adults.
  9. I very rarely pray about specifics for my children – I now figuratively place them in my hands, hold them up to God and trust them to his care.  I often don’t have a clue what is best for someone else, even if they are my child.
  10. Hearing “I love you” from a child never gets old, no matter how old they get.

These are just a few of my favorite lessons from the school of motherhood.  I hope for many more years of parenting, and someday, grandparenting.  I’d love to hear some of the lessons others have learned as a parent or as a child– lessons big and small.  Please indulge the birthday girl.

About inpursuitofatoolbox

I am a God lover, wife of Mark and mom to 5 incredible children. Our 3 sons came to us by birth and our 2 daughters came through adoption.

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  1. Words of wisdom… going to share this one, and read it again and again 🙂 I feel so privileged to get to spend your birthday with you!

  2. Happy Birthday to a wise young woman! Thank you for your gift to me this morning-your blog post is such a good reminder that our children are such precious gifts from God and your ten points are such valuable ones. One child for me was the biggest, best gift God has ever entrusted me with, and now a precious granddaughter is the other greatest gift. She teaches all of us every day. I also have the privilege of expecting and anticipating the arrival of our sweet little China doll granddaughter. She has already taught us lessons of God’s love and our faith and His timing. You and your sweet family have been very instrumental in this journey. Thank you what you continue to do for me-Miss Birthday girl. (Wish I was still 50! Seems so young.)

  3. Ok, here are some additional things I have learned (or maybe still learning): 1. We should not make every “crisis” in our child’s life a ” teaching moment”. Sometimes they just need us to listen and cry with them. 2. Offering a hug says more than words can ever say sometimes. 3. Having children is the best way to ever understand “unconditional love”. 4. Laugh, laugh, laugh with your children.

  4. Happy birthday! This was beautiful. I think one of the best lessons I’ve learned is how much you need a community, especially when you’re parenting, and how much you learn and absorb from your friends along the way.

  5. Happy 50th, dear Tricia! A wonderful post 🙂 It’s be an out of the ordinary week for us so I guess I am focused on lessons related to it. There will never, ever be a time that your child is not “your baby”. Children need their parents regardless of whether they are 4, 24,54 or even 84, I know there are many times my Mama would love to have her parents to lean on. Some lessons your children just have to learn themselves, parents just need to pray and be there if things go south. It’s an incredible gift to be able to touch and smell your child. It’s a gift to be able to tell them how much you love them and hear them say the same to you … never forget that, never take that for granted.

  6. Love this, Tricia! #4 is where I live my life:-D but I could relate to almost all! Your spirit is lighter and freer- I wholly concur with that. I was writing an old friend whom I had known years ago last night and said, “We are much happier people than when you knew us (not that we were unhappy then..)” Somehow the consuming grace of God has met my heart in a different way as I’ve aged. Those who fight aging are missing out! Love you, friend. Happy birthday.

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